About the conference

GBAS Mexico City


Think of GBAS MEXICO as a summit like no other. We will offer an alternative conference platform with different formats, activities, and venues. A chance to come together with people from a variety of disciplines – businesses and nonprofits, anthropologists, designers, engineers, and practitioners, taking the time to help one another by presenting and developing innovative approaches, leading or participating in workshops and activities, and ultimately find better ways of thinking about the future of business realities.

Mexico is known for its vibrant and innovative culture. It’s an internationally renowned center for the fusion of modern and ancient expressions of innovation, making it the perfect location for an open conversation about the future of Business Anthropology.

If you want to be a part of cutting-edge business practices, we invite you to submit your proposals  for our upcoming 2023 summit! There are plenty of opportunities to showcase new thinking and make connections.

Join us and remodel the thinking about organisations and humankind


The enormous cultural diversity that characterizes Mexico sets up the perfect place to represent Latin América (LATAM).

  • This region of the world is a cultural catalyst for innovation: Hybridization of ancestral and contemporary expressions of innovation that can help to inspire Business (and Business Anthropology) practices.
  • Cosmopolitan and indigenous thinking can enrich a “glocal” approach to creative solutions.
  • Lessons from the Global South can enhance creative solutions to economic international exchange that are aware of sustainable resource management and inclusivity.

What is the meaning behind our GBAS MEXICO 2023 Identity?

To design the GBAS identity, we were inspired by Mayan textiles, which reflect their cosmovision of the universe, as a dynamic fabric of ever-changing living energies, unfolding, expanding, and contracting.

This vision awakens our awareness that our universe is a living conscious entity, a holistic unified continuum of creative spiritual powers manifesting as a vast ocean of amazing life expressions and unfolding realities.

We also use a bright colourful palette to depict the diverse culture and practices that characterise Mexican people’s joy and kindness.

Each Axis of the Summit is represented by a spiral shape pattern very common in the architecture of prehispanic temples:

Awareness= Aqua turquoise
Connections = Pink Magenta
Uncertainty= Purple

The small accent point encountering the spirals paths, depict the individual humankind which is yet to learn and master: awareness of the environment, connection with all living things, and being ready to embrace uncertainty for the future.

We hope these concepts resonate with you 

We would be delighted to see you at our Summit.

General FAQ's

questions about the conference

Anyone interested in business and anthropology can attend the summit. This is an in-person event, if you can’t come to Mexico City, some sessions will be webcasted onlive and others recorded and shared after. Keep tuned in our social networks for more information.

The Global Business Anthropology Summit is a space where practitioners from an array of professional environments across a global network gather to discuss how anthropology and business are remodeling organizations and humankind. The aim of this network is to continue to draw out and learn from the experiences of these practitioners, exposing new ways and conditions for collaborating with different institutions, organizations, companies, consumers and society using anthropology in work.

GBAS 2023 will take place at Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City from June 1st to June 3rd, 2023.

  1. Call for submissions – July 1st. 2022
  2. Proposal Acceptance Notification, Publication of Fees & Registration Opens – November 22nd, 2022
  3. Preliminary program publication –  December 6th, 2022
  4. Registration and fee payment: 
    • EARLY: December 6th 2022 to February 6th 2023
    • ON TIME: February 7th to May 30th 2023

You can attend the event and share your work as a speaker, host, moderator or coordinator, or you can learn from the panels, the conferences and workshops (see here how)

  • Participation in all Summit activities
  • Participation Certificate
  • 3 Lunches
  • 3 Coffee Breaks
  • A field trip to a socio-ecological site in Xochimilco

Yes. Once the open call is launched we will send the codes and special prices for the attendants to the Summit.

It will depend on the status of the Covid at the moment of the event. We will be informing on any possible restrictions or changes implemented to keep us all safe.

Please contact Ariané Aguilar informes.eventosdec@ibero.mx.

Para pagar con tarjetas de débito o crédito mexicanas, por favor seleccione el cambio de idioma a español. en el módulo de pagos. Este aparecerá en la parte superior derecha en la pantalla de registro “Registration Module” 

Get your tickets for a unique experience of inspiration, meeting and networking in Business Anthropology